Salt Lake County Short Sales

Salt Lake County has thousands of homes for sale listed as short sales. These properties can offer opportunites and outstanding deals for first time buyers and real estate investors. Purchasing Salt Lake Short Sales also requires a bit of patience. There is a lot of uncertainty involved with short sale transactions as banks require approval. Every bank has a different approval process, and most banks are overwhelmed with the number of short sale requests they get. Most banks will not even begin the process of a short sale file until there is an offer on the property. For this reason, many real estate agent set the initial list price of the short sale property far less than what it is actually worth. They are attempting to generate an offer as soon as possible so the bank will begin reviewing their short sale file. Many of these list prices won't ever actually get approved by the bank. For this reason, short sale list prices are often very misleading. You can view all of the short sales within Salt Lake county with our regular IDX feed MLS search, by selecting the, "short sale" button. Or, click the city link below to view all the actively listed Salt Lake short sales in a specific city.

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